Rajastani woman playing musical instrument

Original work by AS Rind.


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Dimensions: 20 × 30 in
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Calligraphy, Figurative

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Dimensions 20 × 30 in



Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red




Calligraphy, Figurative


Acrylic on Canvas

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AS Rind

Capturing the rich traditional legacy of the Rajistani desert Rind’s subject matter is often the women and rich colour palette of his native land, RahimYar Khan. His work is mostly figurative, long necked Rajastani women, wide eyed and sometimes carrying parrots, in acrylic or mixed media. He also uses the verses of revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz to enhance the romance and mystique of his paintings. Rind has been painting since 1986. He qualified in Fine Arts from Karachi’s Central Institute of Arts and Crafts in 1988, and worked in super realism till 1993. Thereafter, he tried his hand at impressionism, cubism, as well as abstract style of painting. In 1988, he worked on Qura’anic calligraphic paintings, and ended up drawing famous mosques in a new typeface. According to art critic Musarrat Hassan: “The jewelery and designs are gentle reminders that a son of the soil has come back to announce his heritage and even though there has been an effort to stylize the figures and enhance the design element, the colours claim a distant relationship with the desert,”

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