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    Enjoy Free Painting Shipment Worldwide
    Enjoy Free Painting Shipment Worldwide
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About the Website

What is Art Zest?

Art Zest is an online portal established in 2011 where art works are showcased from the Indian sub-continent and Middle East. Art Zest is multi-featured art forum where artists, art lovers, collectors, investors, curators, critics and Gallery owners can all come together and share their creative endeavors and experiences. It aims to host one of the largest collections of authentic contemporary art online and is a one stop resource for anything related to art. At the moment it provides artworks from artists directly, listing of past and upcoming art events, media coverage and a platform to educate and make people aware of the current art market. In near future we will also be providing platform for collectors to showcase their collections and to help them make sales. Talented Artists are personally sent an invitation to join the forum. Works are reviewed by senior Curators based on their profile and quality of the works.

All works will be provided with an authenticity certificate from the artist directly to validate them.

Special Art evenings are organized for our Art connoisseurs in our Endeavour to get the ‘Art-Loving’community together.
Regular updates are sent to the registered members regarding new artists, upcoming events and so on.
Visitors are welcome to send us there feedback and views regarding the works on the site.

For Buyers

I liked some painting online can we negotiate on the price?

All artworks made available for sale on the Website will be sold at the price listed and no discounts will be granted to the buyer. The price of the art work listed does not include duties and taxes. The buyer agrees that the buyer is liable for any duties and taxes that might be applicable on the purchase and such charges shall be payable in addition to the price of the artwork.

Can I reserve a painting to purchase at a later time or day?

Reserving a painting is not possible since we might have another like minded buyer ready to do the instant purchase.

What happens after ordering a painting?

Once you order a painting, the artist is immediately informed of it and gets the order ready to ship. We await the payment to be credited into our account and subsequently inform the artist of your shipping address who then ships the artwork to you through a reliable courier service. Shipping and handling is borne by the artist when painting is shipped in a rolled or framed condition. When the collector confirms receipt of the art work and satisfaction, the payment is then transferred to the artist.
Invoice will be raised by Art Zest based on the registration information provided by the buyer and payments will be accepted only from the buyer so registered. In the event that a payment is sent from elsewhere, it may either be returned or could result in a delay in the processing of the order until management decides whether a variation from the registration details may be accepted. Almost. We have an in-built tracking system where all three parties, the collector, the artist and Art Zest can track the status of the Order. If the payment is transferred directly through Bank net into Art Zest account. You need to update us with the mode of payment to track the payment.

How long does it take to receive a painting?

Once an order is placed on Art Zest the buyer is required to make payment for the price of the artwork as well as the charges referred to above within 5 working days from the date of placing the order. In the event that Art Zest does not receive payment within 5 working days it reserves the right to cancel the order without prior notice to the buyer.

You can get the painting delivered almost as soon as the payment gets credited into Art Zest bank account.
The artist couriers the work in a time period of two or three days. For all International couriers realistic time period should be considered of within 10-15days max.

What is the procedure if the painting is damaged in the transit?

In case the work gets damaged in transit on account of negligent handling or poor packing. Exceptions should be noted immediately on the Airway Bill copy to be retained by the courier shipping company and by you. Please also make appropriate remarks on the delivery sheet of the concerned courier company personnel making the delivery and inform Art Zest immediately by sending us email at artzest.ae@gmail.com. Art Work can be returned to the Artist/Gallery within 2 working days – this means you should ship it back within 2 days even if it takes longer to reach the artist, that’s okay. The other reason you can return the work is because the image does not match the artwork. However, our T&C does not allow you to return the work because you have changed your mind and do not like the artwork anymore. Such a return is not covered by our terms of sale.

For Artists:

How can I sell my works through Art Zest?

If you are a professional artist you should register with Art Zest at “Artist’s Sign Up”. Our Art Panel will review your application on the basis of your sample art works and bio data and send you an invite or reject for the forum accordingly within 7 working days. Any Delay in decision will be informed accordingly. Please keep in mind that we have a highly discerning collector base and the Art Panel’s decision is final on this. If you are invited to the Art Zest forum you will be given a log in name and password. Using these, you can log in to your account and post art works for sale. All you have to do is upload the Profile, images of your art works and set your own price.

How do I set my prices of the Art Work?

Artists can set their own prices on Art Zest. However, they should ensure that they account for shipping charges, the Art Zest service commission. We expect the ‘all inclusive prices’ to be listed by the artists so that collectors benefit from this model as well. Art Zest doesn’t believe in any hidden charges.

What is the commission Art Zest charges from artists on sales?

Art Zest charges flat 35% commission from artists on all artworks displayed and sold through this portal. There is no service tax or any sort of commission we charge the buyer. All prices quoted on the website are all inclusive.

What is the required size of the image that I submit?

Yes, it is preferred that the size of the painting is 300-350KB big. Also, please make sure that you have edited out the borders and frames from the photograph. All pictures should be original and clear without any Photoshop effects.

How long does it take for the images to show on the website?

When you upload the image of your painting, it goes to the Art Zest Team for editing purposes. Once this is done the image gets activated on the website. If there are many works waiting for submission at the back end, then they are put in queue to be uploaded gradually in one or two day’s time. Artist is notified automatically once the images get uploaded.

What should I do if the painting image is not getting uploaded?

Please make sure that the image is not too big. The painting itself can be very big, but you can still reduce the size of the image on the “Paint” function in your computers, to a size that is about 100 KB big.

Where can I view paintings on the website?

Paintings on the Art Zest forum are posted in various categories.
You can search by your name, color, style, size etc.

For Collectors:

All collectors and Art Lovers should definitely register with us. We would keep you posted on our latest collections, Exhibitions, and be happy to assist you with any purchase of Artworks from our Site. In future we also plan to give you an opportunity to display and sell your private Collection of Art Works from Indian-Sub Continent through Art Zest.

Art Zest is continuously working to make it user friendly and efficient website.

We want to reach in every corner of the world and make Art from Indian-sub continent accessible at your Finger Tips.

Any feedback and suggestion is always welcome please don’t hesitate to contact us at artzest.ae@gmail.com

Our Team would be happy to assist you!