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Dimensions: 24 × 24 in
Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas
Style : Figurative, Semi Abstract

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Dimensions 24 × 24 in

Mixed Media on Canvas




Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet




Figurative, Semi Abstract

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Rajendra Kapse

Rajendra Kapse hails from a small town called Chandrapur (East of Maharashtra) and came to Mumbai to study art. It is here that he grew and developed and he feels that this is an important aspect that has affected him as an artist. My work deals with social concerns, and stands as a critique to the present chaos around us - As our contemporary culture lives with all kinds of contradictions and extremes. Basically a Painter, he is also inclined to work in different forms and mediums and open for new methods, techniques and concerns. With a consciousness and awareness of Indian and Western contemporary Art Forms, his work draw few parallels, and moves towards from personal subjective interpretations and perceptions - To a more interactive plinth. Use of references from established and already famous artist’s work, their usage of language and his ways of using fragmenting distorting constructing a new construct, is the way he can at the moment describe his work. "Borrowing and transforming is my method - I believe I`ve recognized in time, keeping my integrity intact."


B.F.A.(Drawing and Painting) From Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.


  • 2011 : solo show,’’FUNTELLECTUAL’’ at Artkonsult, dehli.
  • 2004 : “PUN ‘N’ PUNCH” Solo show at Alliance Francaise De Bombay,


  • 2009 : THROUGH OTHER EYES, Groop show, at Herbert art gallery
  • 2004 : Oberoi Camp Group show.
  • 2009 : TOWARDS A NEW VIEWERSHIP / AUDIENCE, Groop show at Art consult, Delhi.
  • 2004 : “Urban Confluence” Group show at Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi.
  • 2007 : “COOL 5 ” Groop show by Red earth at Lansdowne gallery,UK.
  • 2006 : Group show at singapore.
  • 2005 : Sun n’ Sand Hotel Group show at Pune
  • 2008 : “COOL” Solo Show at L’ Inde Le Palais, Bolonga, ITALY.
  • 2008 : “HUMORGLOBIN” Solo Show,Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai.
  • 2007 : “FUNTITLE” Solo show at Arnden gallery,
  • 2006 : Solo show “GODDY” at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai.


  • 2003 : Mumbai Mussings, Habitat Art Center, Delhi.
  • 2003 : Art for Heart Sake, Auction of Indian Contemporary Art for “Save The Children’s”, Conducted by Bowrings.
  • 2002 : “The Quotable Stencil” Group show at Tao Art Gallery,Mumbai.
  • 2002 : “Astha” Installation show at Kamlanayan Bajaj Art Gallery.
  • 2002 : “Colors of India” Performance with artist Nehal Shah, at Birla Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 1996 : South Central Zone Camp for Young Artists at Mumbai.
  • 1996 : I.F.E.C.S. Annual Art Exhibition.
  • 1994 : South Central Zone Camp for Young Artists at Madras.
  • 1994 : The Bombay Art Society.
  • 1989 : The Bombay Art Society.
  • 1990 : Bharat Bhavan Biannual, Bhopal.
  • 1992 : Artist Center Camp Show.
  • 2001 : Annual Show- National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
  • 2001 : San’s Tashe’ Art Gallery, Mumbai.


  • 1998 : Annual Exhibition
  • 1989 : State Art Exhibition
  • 1990 : Annual Exhibition
  • 1991 : The Bombay Art Society
  • 2011 : Senior Fellowship by Govt of india ministry of culture.

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