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Dimensions: 9 × 13 in
Medium : Oil on Canvas
Style : Figurative, Landscape

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Dimensions 9 × 13 in

Oil on Canvas




Brown, Grey




Figurative, Landscape

Ali Hammad

I paint in oils using the best possible material available. A long hog hair filbert applying wet paint is always delightful to me. I paint in the Flemish / Dutch style using the colored ground as my under painting. One window is what gives light to the still life, portrait etc. Light is the idea in my paintings, there is one which is the incident and the other that is inventive (general knowledge of light and shade) – the crux of the Chiaroscuro. It’s the latter part of the statement that makes, what I paint, more inventive rather than the mechanical rendering – copy of the outside world. So I don’t always paint what I see but I see closely what I paint. My painting approach relies upon my four masters, What? Where? Why and How much? I call them, “the fantastic four”. It is these forces that help me invent stuff, thus allowing me to give each picture a different visual concept. So, on the surface it may be a still life or a portrait but in depth it’s a skillful intertwining of color, light, form, space, air, etc. I am using everyday objects with the interplay of light and shade, not only to make beautiful pictures but also to symbolically address the dark and difficult times we are passing through. At such times the glimmering ray of light, a moment of attention is what offers us hope and happiness.


National College of Arts – Lahore – Pakistan.


2016 Solo Show “In Pursuit of light” at Ejao Art Gallery Lahore.


2015 Participated in the third edition of The Big Picture art exhibition. 2014 —”Temptations” group exhibition at the Gallery of light. 2012 “Points out my life” – group exhibition, at Marsam Mattar Gallery 2011 – Group exhibition at Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi 2011 “Reflections-27 Artists, 1 region….infinite emotions “Group show at Golf Club, Arabian Ranches 2011 Awarded an “Honourable Mention” in USA in an International Realism Contest online 2011 Participated in a group show at Officers Club, Abu Dhabi 2011 “Seven Perspectives” – Group display in National Theatre Abu Dhabi 2010 – Participated in Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2010 Displayed in a group show with Gwynfa Gallery-Abu Dhabi 2010 Worked as one of the portrait painters among seven from across the Middle East for the Late His Highness Sheikh Zayed edited by Gareth Clark for Time Out magazine -Abu Dhabi-UAE. 2008 Displayed my paintings in an’ International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition’ at ADNEC – Abu Dhabi through Chalcedon. 2009 “Four Corners” – Group exhibition at Acento Gallery Abu Dhabi.

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