Original work by Gautam Mukherjee

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Dimensions: 8 × 8 in
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Figurative

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Dimensions 8 × 8 in

Acrylic on Canvas




Blue, Red





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Gautam Mukherjee

Gautam Mukherjee is a very sensitive artist, he is sensitive towards his subjects, which are mainly revolve around his family. They are not portraits of his family members but are rather representation of the values a family holds for him. Recently with the birth of his child the works capture the love and bonding that a child brings into a family. Over a period of time Mukherjee’s style has evolved, the colours have brightened, the characters in his works have acquired a cheerful note from the earlier works which more sombre. But the focus has always been the family, with emphasis on the close bonding between them, shown by the physical contact with each other, be it husband-wife, mother-child ,grandparent-grandchild or between siblings. The attention to composition, background, detailing of the people, in traditional Bengali attire and jewellery in an environment that is reminiscent of the old Kolkata havelis. All enhanced by the deep and rich hues of color.


  • No Formal Training,Fine Artist.


  • 1983 “Vivekananda’s Life” Organized by Vivekananda Janmotsav Samity, Kolkata.
  • 1984 “Vivekananda’s Childhood” Organized by Vivekanand Janmatsav Samity, Patna.
  • 1988 “Vivekananda’s Bharat” Organized by Vivekananda Janmatsav Samity, Chennai.
  • 1994 “Tin Kanya” Paintings Exhibition at Calcutta Information Centre, Kolkata.
  • 1996 “Bengali Babu 1” The virus life of theme Paintings Exhibition in Calcutta Information Centre, Kolkata.
  • 1998 “Bengali Babu 2” Paintings Exhibition at Fine art Gallery, Kolkata.
  • 1999 “Babu Culture” Painting Exhibition at Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2000 “Drawing & Painting “Exhibition at Biswa Banga Sammellon in Kolkata Maidan.
  • 2003 “We & Our Children” Painting Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2004 “Sonar Bangla” Painting Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2004 “Sweet Bengal” Painting Exhibition at Habiart Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Delhi.
  • 2004 “My Baby” (w.&o.c) Painting Exhibition at Renaissance Gallery, Bangaluru.
  • 2005 “Down Memory Lane” Painting Exhibition at Habiart Gallery India Habitat Centre, Delhi.
  • 2006 “Subh Vivaha” Painting Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2007 “Kolkata’s Rickshaw” Paintings Exhibition at Academy of fine arts, Kolkata.
  • 2007 “Ghare-Baire” Paintings Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2008 “Nostalgia” Paintings Exhibition at Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata.
  • 2008 “Kolkatar Karcha” Painting Exhibition at Privet Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • 2009 “Charulata” Painting Exhibition at HK FineartGallery, HongKong.
  • 2009 Same Paintings Exhibition at Artslant Gallery, London
  • 2010 “Calcutta 2 Kolkata” Painting Exhibition at Kolkata art gallery, Kolkata


ABOVE 60 (Sixty) Group Shows, many Art camps major city in India and Abroad.


  • 1987 All India youth art Competition Jamini Ray Birth Centenary.
  • 2003 The Galerie Publishers present “The Rain”Paintings Exhibition in Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2003 The Ahanksha Art Auction in Indigo, Mumbai
  • 2004 Anjali for Akanksha, in The Altman Building, New York.
  • 2005 Associated capsules worldwide Art Auction in Joss, Mumbai
  • 2006 Habiart present, art festival at Pragati maidan in New Delhi.
  • 2006 Wildlife in India, in Mall Galleries The Mall London.
  • 2007 Art Alive India Present “Emerging India”, Henry Moore Gallery at The Royal Art College of London
  • 2008 HelpAge India Art Auction, Hotel Oberoi at New Delhi.
  • 2009 Habiart Foundation Present “Art for Aged” at Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.


  • 1983, 84, 88 Award from Vivekanand Janmotsava Samity for Exhibition On Vivekananda’s life
  • 1985 The best Designer and the best Artist of A.I.C.C. Award held in Mumbai
  • 1997 Gold Medal in Kanagawa World Art Exhibition from Kanagawa Japan
  • 1999 The Best Portrait Award from Bhartiya Samskriti Samsad
  • 1999-2000 The best selected Mascot Prize winner of Biswa Banga Sammelan Millennium Committee in Association with Cultural Association of Bengal, North America

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