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After my post graduation diploma in art, Suresh consciously avoided taking up any job as he didn’t want to be distracted from my art
His main forte is architectural landscapes.
“Buildings may be mute spectators, but they hold the life of a city .i love to watch the light play on buildings the same light illuminates different part of a building in many different ways –window,door and motifs on the wall give out a different feel in the same light .besides, the same building looks different at various time of the day and i love to capture that sight
Through brushwork and hues,he highlights the beauty of buildings by recreating these marvels using a vibrant colour palette and technique that oscillates between being in-the-face to subtle and suggestive both instances replete with the exquisiteness of the built from


2000-04 G.D.Art (Painting) Diploma in Painting in Abhinav kala Mahavidyalaya Pune,
2005-06 Dip.A.Ed Diplom in Art Education in Abhinav kala Mahavidyalaya Pune,


2011- Ayya Art Gallery Chennai
2010-Gallery Leela Hotel leela kempeanski Andheri Mumbai
2010-Malaka Spice Art Gallery, Koregaon Park, Pune
2010-Pradarshk Art Gallery Mumbai
2008-Pradarshk Art Gallery Mumbai
2007-Gandhi Art Gallery, Pune
2007 -Sansakruti art Gallery ,Koregaon Park, Pune
2007-Standard Chartered Bank, Breach candy, Mumbai
2007-Malaka Spice Art Gallery, Koregaon Park, Pune


2014-paint Box Art Gallery Pune
2014-Gallery of Light Ductac Mall of Emirates Dubai
2013- Muse art Gallery Hydrabad
2013- Ocher Art Panjab Kala Bhawan Chandigarh
2013- NCPA Art Gallery Nariman Point Mumbai
2013- J.W.Marriott 160 Central Park South New York NY 10019
2013- Audi Nagpur, H tower Plot No.1902 Nagpur MS
2013- Lalit kala Akademi Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
2013-useum Art Gallery,sector 10,Chandigarh
2012- Art Bengaluru
2012- Art chutney
2012-Alankrita Art Gallery HYD
2012-Leela Galleria, Leela Palace, Bengaluru
2011- Sumuka Art Gallery Bangalore
2011- Art 2Day Art Gallery Pune
2011- Prakritarts Art Gallery Chennai
2011- Gallery Space Hyd
2011- Tilting Art Gallery Pune
2010-Darpan Art Gallery Pune
2010- Abstract Art gallery Bangalore
2010- State Gallery of fine Arts Hydrabad
2010- Karnataka Chitrkala parishad,Banglore
2010-Nehru Art Gallery Mumbai
2010-Gallery Space Banjara Hill HYD
2010-Aralias Club House, Aralias DLF Phase – 5 Gurgaon
2009-Indian Habitat Center Delhi
2009-Chitrkala parishad,Banglore
2009-MSU Faculti, Baroda
2009-Kala Mela Delhi
2008-The International Centre, Goa
2008-Lokayata Art Gallery Delhi
2007-O Hotel Koregaon Park Pune
2007-Bajaj art Gallery Mumbai
2007-Millenium Motars showroom Pune
2007-Suchitrra Arts Gallery Mumbai
2007-Tulika Art Gallery Mumbai
2007-India Art Gallery Pune
2007-Impres Garden Pune
2007-Nehru Art Gallery Mumbai
2007-Hotel Athena Koregaon Park Pune
2006-Vaishwik Art Gallery Pune
2006-The Art Entrance, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
2004-Goa Turisum Center Goa
2004-Charisma Art Gallary, Pune
2004-Ravindra Art Gallary, Pune
2004-Balgandharv Kala Dalan, Pune


2011-Nehru Art Gallery Mumbai Monsoon Show
2011-Cancer Patients Aid Association Art Show Mumbai
2011-Bombay Art Society Mumbai
2010-Nehru Art Gallery Mumbai Monsoon Show
2009-Bombay Art Society Mumbai
2009-Nehru Art Gallery Mumbai Monsoon Show
2009-V.V. Oak, Pune
2008-State Art of Maharashtra ( professional category
2008-Camlin Art Foundation, ( professional category), Panji Goa
2008-State Art of Maharashtra ( professional category
2008-Bombay Art Society Mumbai
2008-V.V. Oak, Pune
2008-Royal Academy of Gulbarga
2007-Nehru Art Gallery Mumbai Monsoon Show
2007-Bajaj art Gallery Mumbai Monsoon Show
2006-Bombay Art Society Mumbai
2004-V.V. Oak, Pune
2004-Rajya Lalit Kala Academy,Lucknow
2004-State Art of Maharashtra
2003-Camlin Art Foundation, Mumbai
2003-Pu .La.Deshapande Academy Mumbai Monsoon Show
2003-South Central Zone, Nagpur


2008- V.V. Oak, Pune ( professional category)
2004-On the Spot Landscape Comp. Kolhapur
2004-Sai Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya,Pune
2003-Nashik Kala Niketan,Nashik
2003-Chitari Academy, Pune


His collections have reached in private and public places all over the world.