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Binqulander, born in Lahore, Pakistan, is a painter, graphic designer, calligrapher and an art expert.He is a renowned Calligrapher of the generation that has emerged under the influence of the purity of Islamic Art. He blends skill and thought to express his refined abilities with the blessed help of the bestowed gift of creativity by Allah Almighty. His creative work is a landmark in the genre of calligraphy that has always been considered as a significant aspect of Islamic Art. Binqulander’s meticulous working method in calligraphic painting always sustains fascination. In Binqulander work the thought is not detachable from what is presented by the work. In other words the perceptions and the concepts are attached together. Perceptions are inseparable from the thinking and imagination that sees his painting. In order to properly assess the full measure of his achievement many of his paintings can be looked at as modern gestural works as well.
Calligraphic art in Pakistan is one of the major art forms of fine arts. It is a popular art form, because of its religiosity and secular appeal. Calligraphic art is based upon Quranic verses written in the beautiful script. It can be classified as a genre of traditional art. Binqulander’s calligraphic designs are unique in its nature and deviate from the traditional calligraphic art. He has combined abstract art and working with different layers, forms and designs. His calligraphic art seems to convey more deeper and spiritual meaning which needs to be exploring through its form and context.


• Two years Diploma in Fine Arts from Arts Council, Lahore (1999)
• One Year Professional Diploma in Graphic Design from College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore (2004)
• Bachelors in Fine Arts, with Miniature Painting as a major concern, from National College of Arts, Lahore (2005-2010)
• One year Professional Diploma in Classical Calligraphy from National College of Arts, Lahore (2011) under the supervision of Ustad Khursheed Gohar Qalam.


• His first exhibition “The Journey” at Hamail Art Galleries, Lahore (2009) fascinated the audience with its distinct style of painting.
• Then he stepped ahead and revealed some hidden facts of the System through his paintings with the theme of face and facelessness in an exhibition “Thesis Show” at National College of Arts, Lahore (2009).
• His second collection of paintings overwhelmed the audience in an exhibition named “Wisdom” at Art Science Galleries, Karachi (2010).
• Then he depicted beautiful colors spread on the canvas of life in an exhibition “Aliff” at Ejaz Galleries, Lahore (2011).
• He also crafted an innovative panorama in Arab world during his solo exhibition “Wal-Qalam” at Humail Arts Galleries, Dubai (2012).
• Moreover, he has been presenting an “Annual Display of Islamic Calligraphy” on the esteemed occasion of Eid Milad-un-Nabi since 2002 particularly for his home town.


• “Young Calligraphic Artist Exhibition”, Bhalwal (1999)
• “National Calligraphic Exhibition”, Faisalabad Arts Council, Faisalabad (2003)
• “Young Calligraphic Art Exhibition”, Lahore Museum, Lahore (2004)
• “International Calligraphy Exhibition”, Calligraphic Artist Guild, Lahore (2006)
• “International Calligraphy Exhibition”, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore (2007)
• “International Calligraphic Exhibition”, Calligraphic Artist Guild, Lahore, (2007)
• “Khidonay”, Tolllinton Market, Lahore (2007)
• “Exhibition on Transformation”, National College of Arts, Lahore (2008)
• “National Exhibition at Ejaz Galleries”, Lahore, (2009)
• “National Calligraphic Exhibition”, National Art Gallery, Islamabad (2009)
• “Young Graduates Exhibition”, V.M Art Gallery, Karachi (2010)
• “Group Exhibition”, Revivers Gallery, Lahore (2010)
• “Diverse Vision in Oman”, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore (2010)
• “Group Exhibition by Young Artists”, National College of Arts, Lahore (2010)
• “Calligraphy and Media”, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore (2010)
• “The Art of Calligraphy by Seven Calligraphers”, Revivers Gallery, Lahore (2011)
• “Concert of Colors” , Group Exhibition Omani Society, Oman (2011)
• “Art Expo Malaysia” , Ejaz Galleries, Lahore (2011)
• “Calligraphic Art” Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, (2012)
• “Noon Wal-Qalam”, Strange Art Gallery, Islamabad (2012)
• “Vision”, Gallery 6, Islamabad (2012)
• “Colors of Democracy”, National Assembly, Islamabad (2012)
• “Sareer-e-Khama” International Calligraphy Conference Lahore (2012)
• “Art Aviso” Hamail Art Galleries Dubai (UAE) (2012)
• “Dahar Mein Ism-e-Muhammad Se Ujala Karde” National Calligraphic Exhibition under
• Gohar Academy & Ghazali Education Trust Lahore. (2013)
• Opening Show at Dubai UAE “Mussawir Art Gallery” (2013)
• “An aesthetic outlet to religious fervor” at Art Scene Gallery Karachi (2013)
• Opening Show of New Art Gallery Expression Art Lahore (2013)
• “Harouf “ Group Show about Holy Month of Ramzan at Satrang Gallery Islamabad (2013)
• Group Exhibition at 207 Art Gallery Texas USA (2013)
• Opening Show at The Grill Lahore (2013)
• “A winning way with words” at Mussawir Art Gallery Dubai (2013)
• Annual calligraphy exhibition by Punjab council of arts at Alhamra Arts Council (2014)
• National calligraphy exhibition by Ghazali education trust at Alhamra Art Council (2014)
• A resonating script two at Musswair Art Gallery Dubai (2014)
• “Hurouf II” celebrate the essence of Ramzan at Serena Hotel Satrang Art Gallery, Islamabad (2014)


• Excellence Scholarship in National College of Arts, Lahore (2008)
• Merit Prize in a group exhibition held at National College of Arts, Lahore (2008)
• Distinctive Young Artist Prize in an International Calligraphic Exhibition, Lahore (2008)
• Merit Prize Ghazali Education Trust 2013


• PICT Karachi Port
• South City Hospital, Karachi,
• Behria Town Offices, Lahore
• Bilawal House Lahore
• Prime Minister Office at Emeritus Tower Dubai.
• Engro Office Karachi
• Main Branch of Standard Chartered Bank Lahore.
• Participated in auction USA donated to Shaukat Khanam Hospital.
• Ministry of Interfaith Houston, USA
• Khana-farhang, the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Lahore.
• Shaheen Southern Air International travels, Islamabad.