Welcome to Art Zest

Art as an expression of one's innermost emotions is by far the most evocative. As the name suggests 'Art Zest' is the passion for Art embedded in one's soul.

Art Zest is a Dubai based initiative to promote emerging artists from the Indian sub-continent and established contemporary artists transcending various genres of art, on an International platform.

At Art Zest, we welcome artists, collectors, connoisseurs, art enthusiasts, and basically anyone who appreciates art with the hopes of creating synergies between the art, the artists, collectors and the world at large, to constantly try and find fresh perspectives to the vibrant art that the region has to offer.

While we host exhibitions on a periodic basis, Art Zest provides artists with an online platform to showcase their works. The exhibits at Art Zest are selected based on the quality of work and each piece of artwork is certified as original and authentic by the artists themselves.

The gallery has been sourcing works of established senior artists like Suhas Roy, Thota Vaikuntum, Prokash Karmakar, Mashkoor Raza, Asad Faruki and J.M.S. Mani to name a few, amongst many others. We strive to display multiple styles such as abstracts, figurative, semi-abstract, landscape, and mixed-media, and in as many mediums as possible such as oil, acrylic, water, and charcoal. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in our ability to make quality art accessible to the community we live in.

Thank you for visiting us.

If you're an aspiring artist from the Indian subcontinent or the Middle East, please feel free to sign up, if you would like us to include your work in our gallery. We ensure that we will look into your query and respond appropriately.

If you're a collector or you wish to view our latest collection and get regular updates regarding our upcoming events please do not hesitate to register.

Once again, we thank you for visiting us online. Hope you enjoy browsing through our gallery.